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About Me

I'm Brittany Terpstra, both developer and designer, working in the wonderful world of web. If you have a project that needs some creative injection then that’s where I come in! My job is to build your website so that it is functional and user-friendly but at the same time attractive. I'm currently studying at Pennsylvania College of Technology for my bachelor's degree in Web and Interactive Media, along with a minor in marketing. I will be graduating in May 2017! I am in search of a full-time position in a growing company, and the ideal setting includes one with a supportive environment and team culture.


When entering my first year in college, my philosophy was to take every opportunity offered to me. And I did. Through the years I have been a marketing coordinator, student ambassador, orientation leader, events assistant, co-hospitality chairman, and president. My skills grew tremendously after joining the events board, first being as the marketing coordinator. I found my passion for social media marketing, poster design, and working on a team. I then moved into the position of president, and find myself leading both the general board and executive board. The most exciting positon was as co-hospitality chairman, in which I created a "Welcome Book" for the All-American Rejects. I also designed the layout for their dressing room and the starting act. Overall, these opportunities have given me leadership, communication, and a variety of interpersonal skills.

My Skills

80% Complete
HTML / HTML5 80%
70% Complete (success)
Wordpress 70%
40% Complete
JavaScript / jQuery 40%
60% Complete
CSS / CSS3 60%
90% Complete
Bootstrap 90%
60% Complete
Adobe Illustrator 60%
40% Complete
Adobe Photoshop 40%